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By   June 24, 2016

Quotes of love for your whatsapp status quotes
“when a relationship comes to its end
it does not mean that the two people stop loving each other. It is like they stop hurting each other.”
The difficulty to get back that person by saying the Truth,
Be worthy to be truthful in your discomfort.”


“To start any work is like to breathe in an open air while
to complete that work is like to breathe in
no Air.”
“I loved you more than you deserved but
Why did you
try my patience more than I deserved
I deserved the death instead”


Getting twisted by A Person Who Doesn’t know How to love you,
Love doesn’t Hurt you but the person Does.”
“It hurts Deep inside even Though
I act as I don’t care.”
“It is the worst pain for a Girl when she smiles to hide her Pain, she smiles at you,
Just because she loves you.”


“It is not tough to walk Alone…
But when we walked miles with our Love and then…
Coming back Alone Is.”
“Yes, I love you
For the rest of my Life I’m going to wait for someone just like You.”
“You know What?
I don’t love You
But I do
For everything You Are
All that you have been
And all you will be.”
“Because I love You doesn’t mean
You can hurt me,
See yourself in my eyes
And you will die for me.”
“I will stop trying my honey,
The day you will decide to love me
Or the day I die.”
L: Lake of immense pain
O: Ocean, full of tears
V: Valley, where you die early
E: End of Enjoy in Life
So, Never Love Someone…”
“Why it is toughest to let go someone
Because it hurts when you realize that the other
Person already did.”

“Be careful
Who you fall in love with,
Cause the other one
Some how
Somewhere won’t approve.”
“If I am not caring about your past
That means I am looking for your presence
In my future.”
“Funniest part of Love- when someone hurts you,
Cry a river
Build a bridge and get over to it.”
“Happy love life doesn’t mean to have a perfect One,
It means to have a happy life with the one you have.”
“A few faults can end up a true relationship
You can’t be perfect, you can’t be correct every time
And at the end
affection should be given priority over perfection.”
“If you are a nobody for someone, today
Then you should realize that
You would never fall for her
“Sometimes it hurts more to hold on to someone
Rather than letting someone go.”
“I would say I am just okay
But If you don’t change
I will be done lying.”
22.“It would scare me losing you
If people are jealous of our relationship.”
“If you are not sure of your feeling then
Never play with other’s.”


“Love is a Monster who doesn’t sleep under your bed
it screams in your head.”
“If you decide to work of your interest then you would never have to
Work for a single day.”
“one secret to focus your entire energy,
Not on struggling with the old, but on building the new.”
“It is the same
The first day of our school and starting a new career
Cause both are Scary.”
“If you would know a bridge between
A Job and a Career
Then you wouldn’t ask the difference between forty and sixty hours
A week.”
“If you want to achieve greatness in life then
You should stop taking permissions.”
“If you don’t stop then
It hardly matters your pace is slow.”
‘Are you waiting for miracles to happen
They happen every day
Either change your perception or make one by yourself.”




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