google birthday surprise spinner , know about it

By   September 26, 2017

on the occasion of of google birthday google birthday surprise spinner is showing on google doodle not only in some specific country but also in entire world where google is used efficiently, so let us discuss about google and about special thing that spinner on doodle in this post. first discuss about google and it’s journey of 19 years.

what is google

How many of you know what Google is (What is Google in Hindi). When it was 15 to 20 years ago, then Internet was there but there was a considerable lack of information. People had information but they did not have much in the net. If you were to find something in the net like today, 10 or 15 years ago, people used to get information in books, or ask someone else. But seeking information from the people was a great problem, that was a big problem, there was some website with it, but which information was correct in the website, or if there was any problem in getting a quick information like that was a problem.

At the same time, two younger boys got the solution to this problem, that was done by Google and they were boys. Let’s start Google, who is Google, who has created and how Google started, I will give you some more information.

Google’s name is hidden in his name, just like it is the world’s largest search engine, in which you will find anything you will find, it is commonplace that everyone thinks but the answer is not complete here. The correct answer is “This is a Multinational Company, along with Search Engine, there are some other business such as Internet Analytics, Cloud Computing also serves as you use Google Drive, advertising service, application (from play store which application you download), its own The browser is Chrome name, and has its own Operating System (Android), Google is your Income through all these.

In 2016, it showed interest to the mobile industry and brought a new mobile phone named Google Pixel which was marketed. Along with this, Map, e-mail and more than 20 products in the world which you will be able to tell you later today, if you know about the income of this company, your hosas will fly and then they will earn 6.7 crores a day. And every one second means $ 658 in close to Rupees 43,000. Want to know what Google’s history is, then let’s know

History of Google

Well, in today’s time, Google is a company of ArboT trillion, which has made its own place in Oxford Dictionary, which is a verb. But there were two PHD students who had the name of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were students of Stanford University, California, in 1995, they met each other in 1995 and that same started the search engine.

In 1996 Sergey Brin and Larry Page were studying when they were studying PHD and thought of separating their PHD into the reSearch project and thought, “If we rank the website, compare it with another website, it will be great, at that time This was the way to rank them, as often as the word was searched, that web page would rank it accordingly, and this idea is the form of Google today. Initially they gave it the name BACKRUB. ”
In 1997, both of them gave the name of the search engine “Google”, which is “googol”, in reality, it is a mathematical term and Google made this googol wrong by writing it is a strange reality. Googol means 100 behind zero 1.

Google’s first doodle homepage was made in 1998, but now Google does more than doodle home page 2000, in the world, and there is a team of doodles in the present time.
Beginning of adwords in 2000, and now Google is the world’s largest company offering online advertising, which has made big business successful. Text ads serve video advertisements and mobile ads, and in return, takes money.
On the day of April 2004, this company launched Gmail, along with a great amount of space for the Gmail Data Store, and was giving even more in the present time.

Google bought Company Keyhole, a map maker in 2004-05 and today is known as Map Company Google Map which can show 360 Degree View through the way of showing new information and Earth App. Sitting
In 2006, the company bought a specially called Video Sharing Website Youtube. At the moment, 60 hours of video are being uploaded every single minute.
2007 bought Android and this is the best operating system of the current mobile phone.
In 2008, its own browser chrome came into the market, officially launched on September 2, 2008, it is one of the world’s most favorite browsers.
Larry Page became Google’s new CEO in 2011, before Eric Schmid, he is now the executive chairman of the alphabet.

In 2011, the Google+ project started, there was a real life sharing feature such as facebook, twitter
In 2012, an update to android 4.1 jelly bean, the Google Nexus 7 tablet was launched.
July 9, 2012 Google Now and the Google Voice Search feature have started, now it has become Google Assistant.
Coming to Google Glass Market in 2013 In which glasses you can run your mobile.
The VR HEAD SET was started in 2015, now it has been quite fond of people.

The Google Loon Project was launched in 2016, where Internet was reached where the Internet did not reach, and Google’s first mobile phone Pixel was launched this year.
Google Home was also launched in 2016, through which you can run all the electronic Device bids, you can also find answers to some questions. was launched in Google’s Google i / o in 2017, where you will find AI tools and also the introduction of Google Lens, through which you can find any photo of anyone, what is it ???

So this was Google’s history so far ahead of this Google will continue to see what will be something new

Some of Google’s products

Here you will know what the Google products are, about their work and how they work. Learn one by one.

1.Android- This is the most popular OS of Mobile
2. Blogger- Can create your own blog
3. Operating System for ChromeOS-Laptop and Computer
4. Gmail-electronic e-mail service.
5. Google + – social website
Books – in which you will find saris full of books to read
7. Calendar- What you want to do in the daytime, meeting with someone, you can store all the details here. You can also share an event with your friend.

8. Docs- This is used to open Microsoft Office documents online such as Word, xl, txt
9. Google Drive – Where you can keep your data and download data whenever you want.
10. Earth- Through it you can make lions of the whole world sitting at home.
11. Image – in which you can search any picture.
12. Map – This is an App where you can easily search any place and find a way to go.
13. Google Now – where you can easily search any information like you do in Google, and it gives the same information about which you search.

14. Google Patents- You can do millions of Patents Search in it.
15. Google Photos – This is the online place where you can keep photos, videos. You can download it whenever you want.
16. Google Translator – in which you can translate about 100 languages
17. Youtube: This is Video Sharing Site, which you will find in the video that you will find here.

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